Welcome to Under Her Brim

.facebook_185115973-1Heeeeeyyyy!!  Welcome to Under Her Brim!!  I am so excited that you are here!!!

My name is Shawnette and this site is the manifestation of encouragement from family members (biological and adopted) friends, (& grinning enemies) to stop hiding in the shadows of shame and share. Share my experiences as a determined-to-do-it-ALL- Survivor.

A survivor of Domestic Violence, a survivor as a Pastor’s wife (oh yeah, you have to be a straight up thug to wear THAT hat!!). A survivor of church folk (notice I didn’t say “The Church”…but folk). A survivor of divorce and becoming a sudden single parent to a posse. Survivor of negative press (yeah I love a camera, but not the Action News camera that was on my front lawn). A survivor of my own self-doubt…self-destruction…shame.

These experiences, thoughts, opinions and unexpected jerks and turns of my life were my shame & embarrassment for many years.  I know now these were the tools that God used to grow, shape, design and strengthen me and my life…tools that made me a Survivor.

As women, we’ve been groomed to say “I’m fine” and “I’m strong” and we stay bound, bitter and tired of carrying all of the weight on our shoulders. Well I am tired of dragging this baggage around and holding all of this in. I know that God would not have created such a fabulous person as me, to be bound and bitter (yeah…a little self-love is always in the mix).

So fasten your seat belts, keep all arms and legs inside the car at all times, and hold on to your hat because this is going to be an honest, gritty, emotional & funny while direct trip through the hats that we women wear and a hard look at what is really going on…Under Her Brim.

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