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Young, Ambitious and Beautiful: Millennials Help Black Women Build Businesses

By Mia Hall – At the beginning of 2017, Forbes wrote that there were no Black women running any of the Fortune 500 companies. Lauren Bealore and her team at Young, Ambitious and Beautiful (YAB) are working now to shift that statistic. Continue reading


Time to Let Guilt Go


First let me thank my ultimate motivator who has no problem calling me out on updating Under Her Brim. What can I say, I’m an organized mess and it still takes a village to nudge me along to keep my mess organized. So to you I say Thanks! – I hear you and appreciate you (and all of the Under Her Brim followers!!) here…. have some Skittles. Continue reading

Kryptonite with your Coffee?

2478217-mug-of-black-coffee-with-coffee-beansYou walk through the door and are greeted by the intermingling aromas of fresh baked pastries and rich savory coffee. This welcoming scent woos you to explore and accentuates the atmosphere. You order a giant cookie and a cup of coffee as you look around for a comfy seat.  Continue reading


grandma_thumbSOURCE: http://constanceinthegiantjewelrybox.com

Yesterday I was flying back from Minneapolis and had a really sweet chatty skycap. He asked me what I was doing in Minneapolis that I only came for one day. I said work and then he asked what I do. As soon as I told him I was a Jewelry Designer he lit up and showed me his ring. (This is one of the things I love about what I do. It allows people to open up and share a little part of their story with me.)

He began telling me of how when his grandmother passed he received one of her brooches which had several diamonds in it. He glowed as he told me that he took the largest one out and gave it to his wife. Knowing he wanted to keep a little piece of his grandmother with him all the time he kept the rest for himself. He told how he had played around with the stones for many months and was finally inspired to create a rings with an eye on it because, “They always said Grandma’s got her eye on you!”





About Constance Palelei

As a self-taught designer and jeweler, I have been the jewelry industry outsider so I take great pride in being able to make jaw dropping jewelry more accessible to everyone, because everyone deserves luxury. I am the clumsy girl next door who happens to now be a jewelry expert. I know what it is like to work hard for your money and there is nothing more satisfying than purchasing something for yourself that is beautiful, durable and legitimately valuable.

I hold these truths to be self evident: Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend, and Gemstones are like Love Affairs. Goddesses drip in Gold but life isn’t the same without the Silver Lining. And as Coco Chanel said “Women should mix fake with real”. 😉 Oh and a little party never hurt nobody!

The 2014 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report

The beauty of being a woman is that we are innovative, flexible, ever growing, changing and reaching! I came across this report and wanted to share for inspiration, support or just food for thought – ENJOY!Quotes About Moving On 0203-205 (Women Quotes) (8)

Click HERE to check out the 2014 State of Women-Owned Business Report that was commissioned by American Express OPEN and published in March of 2014.

This publication marks our fourth annual investigation into the state of women-owned businesses in the United States, providing stakeholders in the women’s enterprise development community – policy makers, entrepreneurial support organizations, suppliers and customers, and women business owners themselves – with information and intelligence that can aid in their efforts.

The 2014 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report contributes new and timely insights concerning the growth and development of the nation’s women-owned businesses. It also provides details on where growth leads and where it lags, thereby pointing the way to areas where policy and programmatic support can help even more women-owned firms reach their full potential.