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Teachings from Miranda Priestly

Who is Miranda Priestly you ask? Who. Is. Miranda?! — First, me get this out of the way: Yeaaaahhh I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated whats been going on Under this Brim. Forgive me, I have taken on a new challenge….school. Mommy always says ‘You are never to old to learn or never to young to teach’…lies. There are differences in adult learning and the youth learning…but we’ll whip out our course notes from WhereEver University & commiserate on that subject later.

Let’s learn a thing or two from one of my fave movies….The Devil Wears Prada. This movie is about 10 years old and I can tell you that the one liners are still used today. In summary Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep) is an icon revered in the fashion industry. Her new assistant Andrea (Ann Hathaway) has much more to learn other than what Miranda wanted for lunch…If you have not seen it go see the movie, come back and tell me I’m wrong. If you are an Miranda Priestly fan….you will want to get your snack, take notes and read on. Continue reading


Time to Let Guilt Go


First let me thank my ultimate motivator who has no problem calling me out on updating Under Her Brim. What can I say, I’m an organized mess and it still takes a village to nudge me along to keep my mess organized. So to you I say Thanks! – I hear you and appreciate you (and all of the Under Her Brim followers!!) here…. have some Skittles. Continue reading

Bump in the road? KEEP GOING!

There are things that happen that we can’t explain but when we look back, we recognize bumpthat had that bump not been on the road, the path we would have chosen could have lead us to an unfavorable outcome. Call it God’s Divine Order, coincidence or even happenstance….but don’t call it an accident. Continue reading

Pity Party (RSVP not Required)

motherjugglingI had a conversation with my Mom (who is a single parent) about how tired I am of just being. I whined about everything and blew up the BIG pity balloons at my on-the-spot-pity party that I was throwing for myself.  “Mommy I am just tired of being the everything decision maker, medical personnel, provider of all- food, clothing, shelter, needs & wants” —I whined. Taxi. Education Director. Juggler. Detective. Advocate. Cheerleader. Prayer Warrior. Disciplinarian. Entertainment Manager. Milk-Picker-Upper. Papers-Filler-Outer. Single income bringer-inner. Clothing Merchandiser. (I went on and on). For every thought or thing I want to do I have to consider impact on the lives of others. Plans to do anything requires a project matrix plan to position everyone where they want or need to be.”  I went on “….think about it Mom, if a kid is acting out or refuses to wear clean clothes — the FIRST thing people say is…where is that child’s mother? They don’t know battle that took place that morning over the laundry….I’m over it!”  My mother listened, uhm-hmmed in understanding and reminded me that God is able to keep and sustain me. She extended the love and patience a tantrum throwing child needs, while talking me away from the edge. You would think after all of this soothing conversation that I felt better….but in actuality I felt worse.pity-party Continue reading

It’s None of Your Business!!

image_2146hoever the marketing genius was that coined the phrase ‘whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’ had to be a relative and that phrase is not original. It is a variation of a mantra that was taught in my family for generations. When I was growing up I learned that my business & my family’s business…was nobody’s business. What goes on in this house—stays in this house. I embraced that rule and carried it with me. It was my protection from showing any sign of weakness, vulnerability and judgement. Whenever I felt like I was tempted to tell my business, I would drive myself crazy imagining 150 variations of what could happen and would keep my mouth shut.

Continue reading