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Living on Purpose & Taking Yourself off Purpose-Punishment

Written by: Brittany Naturaltylist M. of  Let’s #BeWomen Support Group

BLOG-Living-on-PurposeWhile we are still just getting our feet wet into this new year of 2018, I’m sure lots of you have already made some “New Year’s resolutions”, some have decided to do away with the tiresome tradition, and others seem to just be pleasantly proud of who they were in 2017, with no desire for change. Continue reading

Happy Freakin’ Holidays

As the years go by I’ve learned the Holiday trio (Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year) can be depressing. Stress, illness, addiction, financial woes and other challenges don’t go away because it’s the holiday season. Meanwhile the holidays heighten the expectation that  we should be kind (if not oozing the Norman Rockwell painting-ish kinda love) to all around us. Continue reading

Keep Your Judgment in 2016

no-new-year-resolutions-why-bother-isolated-white-background-55945683Happy New Year! May it be full of joy, peace, love and blessings for you and your family!

The question often asked at the end of the year is ‘what is your New Year resolution?’ Over the years I was ready with an answer (aren’t I always) because the New Year was a magical eraser that would blot out the missed goals and shortcomings that I had long left for dead in the outgoing year. Continue reading