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He’s Just Not that Into You

main-qimg-19ab6d46498b51f98313a0d69bb0df87My friends and I are all women of a certain age who agree to be over the dating scene. We have married and divorced, date, raised our families, loved, lost and are in the ‘I’m Every Woman era of ME’ rebuilding phase of our lives. One girls night-in we got together for movie night and continued the dating conversation over snacks with the silly shenanigans of a RomCom – He’s Just Not that Into You. Continue reading


My Thinking Cap and The Butler

The Movie “The Butler”  & my Thinking Cap

I am destined for great things, opportunities and everyday offers adventures! Most recently there was an opportunity to pre-screen a movie before it was available for the ‘public’ ….well that just played right into my Diva-ness. A Movie Premier! Me! Ooohhh, I’m so excited!!. In my mind, I was going to walk the red carpet dressed in Hollywood Glam. There would be an awesome backdrop for me to have my picture taken, while smiling and doing the Ms. America wave.

Well, it didn’t quite look that way. It looked more like me getting out of my car at the King of Prussia theater, walking in with my co-worker, complaining at the price of popcorn and snacks, (no I didn’t by anything) and going in the theater marked “Special Event” for a seat.

OOOOhhh I am soooo excited to see this! THE BUTLER! I’ll try not to ruin it for you if you have not seen it as share my thoughts, rather my experience. Continue reading