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Are you Adult-ing?

There are some things that have started to happen with my friends and I which has made us consider the possibility that we are getting finer with time. Does any of these sound familiar? If so, you may also be uhm…adulting. Continue reading

GFQ Results – Difference between Naughty and Nasty!

While migrating all of the posts over the Girlfriend Question of the Day page is up for moving…..I forgot how funny these were!!!  Oldie but goodie. Enjoy!

Here are the results from the April 9th Girlfriend Question!!!

Girlfriend Question

Girlfriend Question

The question (fill in the blank):

The difference between naughty and nasty is__________.

…and here are the results (hold on to your hat….we are not here to judge!!!)

  • one is quality and the other quantity.
  • the story he tells his friends
  • The players involved!
  • time and place.
  • the expiration date.
  • the audience.
  • fa-breeze and bleach.
  • Naughty is when you forget to take a shower, and nasty is when you just don’t want to.
  • Naughty is playing footsie under the table at a restaurant, Nasty is getting under the table.

It’s not too late, share your thoughts from under YOUR brim!