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Written by: Brittany Naturaltylist M. of ¬†Let’s #BeWomen Support Group


Evening Ladies… ūüíčūüíčūüíč

I want you to focus on a concept and word that holds much meaning and power tonight. I am sure many of you can connect and relate. Continue reading

Time to Let Guilt Go


First let me thank my ultimate motivator who has no problem calling me out on updating Under Her Brim. What can I say, I’m an organized mess and it still takes a village to nudge me along¬†to¬†keep my mess organized. So to you I say Thanks! – I hear you and appreciate you¬†(and all of the Under Her Brim followers!!) here…. have some Skittles. Continue reading


International-Womens-Day1Thanks to Google’s¬†International Women’s Day doodle I did some quick and almost perfunctory¬†research about a day that I think I should know about…but didn’t.¬†Should I feel bad that as a woman I wasn’t aware of International Women’s Day? Should I just accept that there are soooo many movements for the protection, equality and representation of women (me)…that this one slipped through the crack? Am I overthinking it as I have a tendency to do (which¬†I’ve been¬†told…many times…LOL!)? Continue reading

Are You Priviledged?

Priv Ques

tumblr_ngr159UlI01tlaes3o1_500Do you consider yourself to be¬†privileged and how do you define or describe it? By privileged I don’t mean the¬†“I wear all the name brands to maintain an appearance” –¬†idea of privilegedness (yup made that one up)¬†but the noun defined as¬†“a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group of people.” Continue reading

Nappyheaded-Afrowearing-Angela Davis-Wannabe

Nappyheaded-Afrowearing-Angela Davis-Wannabe!!!!!!

YUP!!! Had that insult loudly hurled at me out on the playground and since I thought he was oooooo soooo cute, it really¬†cut me deep. I was so angry with my¬†Momma for sending me out into the world looking like a Q-tip. Don’t judge me, 6th grade is rough!!! It Clicker 2didn’t get better as I went to high school and almost flunked gym because I did NOT want to get my hair wet and spend all of my lunch blow-drying it and¬†trying to smooth it out with my butane curling iron (that would NEVER get hot enough). Oh stop looking like¬†you didn’t have the butane clicker.

Continue reading

….if its abuse….why do they stay??!

Leaving shadowIf it’s abuse…..why do they stay?? IF it is…..

How many times have you heard this question??¬†¬†I’ve heard people say, “that’s a shame….why do/did you stay in an abusive relationship?‚ÄĚ or ‚ÄúWhy doesn‚Äôt she just leave?‚ÄĚ ¬†Sometimes the question is meant as an honest inquiry. ¬†However, often it is spoken with an undercurrent of hostility or disbelief¬†that¬†things must not be as bad as they seem. This attitude sends a¬† message to anyone¬†who stays in abusive relationships are somehow to blame for their abuse. Continue reading

Victim of Domestic Violence??? How Did I Get Here?

Never!! Never!! NEVER!!!

I NEVER thought I would see the day when I was in a domestic violence situation. I am smarter than that. I know whatDomestic-violence-counseling-in-ann-arbor domestic violence is….I’ve seen it in my childhood and vowed it would never happen to me. No man will ever do to me, the things that I’ve seen my Mother endure.¬†Never. Continue reading