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Written by: Brittany Naturaltylist M. of  Let’s #BeWomen Support Group


Evening Ladies… đź’‹đź’‹đź’‹

I want you to focus on a concept and word that holds much meaning and power tonight. I am sure many of you can connect and relate. Continue reading

What is my Motivation??

Pencil and paper

A new day is like a clean piece of paper!

To wake up in the morning is a blessing.  When I first wake-up, open my eyes, say my prayers, stretch and turn on the news, I am ready to make my mark on the world!! Raawwwwwrrr!!!! The new day is as a fresh sheet of paper waiting for more of my life to be written on it. My actions, activities, interactions, goals met,  goals set and even goals dismissed. It’s a chance to make a change, move a stumbling block, press forward towards a goal….they sky is the limit and the options are limitless on this fresh new day. Continue reading