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He’s Just Not that Into You

main-qimg-19ab6d46498b51f98313a0d69bb0df87My friends and I are all women of a certain age who agree to be over the dating scene. We have married and divorced, date, raised our families, loved, lost and are in the ‘I’m Every Woman era of ME’ rebuilding phase of our lives. One girls night-in we got together for movie night and continued the dating conversation over snacks with the silly shenanigans of a RomCom – He’s Just Not that Into You. Continue reading


Chivalry is NOT Dead!

I can see him like it was yesterday. Sitting on the living room  floor, long legs outstretched, with his back against the sofa.  Continue reading

GFQ: Would You Marry YOU?

As I drive along listening to the radio, the announcer shares her experience at a couples bride_mirrorretreat and then poses the question….Would YOU marry YOU?

Whether you are single, divorced, engaged or “it’s complicated” (thanks Facebook for a new ambiguous title to add to the relationship confusion) – the question itself is an excellent one for your personal assessment of YOU. Truth is, until you are comfortable with YOU and enjoy YOU….marriage should be the last thing on your mind. Continue reading

Be a Compliment Not a Complication

shutterstock_108457547-350x233Listening  to the radio in my car I heard Steve Harvey share the best quote. Ok, well one of the best (you know me…tomorrow may be a better one that will be the best). He shared from another listener “Be a compliment not a complication. Surround yourself with people who will compliment your life, not complicate it.”  That made me think…..in my relationships under the brims of the many hats that I wear as a mother, sister, girlfriend, cousin, daughter, friend, co-worker (to name a few) which column would I be put in — a compliment or a complication?  What do I bring to the table to compliment these relationships or are my intelligence, outgoing personality, charm & wit really complicating shenanigans?

Continue reading

Girlfriend Question of the Day – Dating After 40




Dating: The Problem Might NOT be What You Think!

Source: http://www.reachupmag.org/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=MPZ6PKo1NL8%3d&tabid=110&mid=569                         ReachUP Magazine Winter/Summer 2009

“Will you accept this rose?” You’ve probably heard these words uttered on ABC’s The Bachelor. I know, not a verybig_red_roses_closeup_picture_2_166713 good show to watch! But there is something special about watching people find love in such a magical way.

The media really has a way of enticing us to believe that love is a fairy tale, and we can find the man of our dreams in six weeks. They call it “reality TV,” only it’s not real, as many of you saw when Jason broke up with Melissa. Broken-hearted Melissa was left to ask the questions we’ve all asked ourselves before, “What did I do wrong?” “What’s wrong with me? “Why can’t I find love?”

This is the part where your best friend says, “Girl, it’s not you. He’s just a jerk!” But two or three jerks later, you need to realize the problem may not be him. The problem may be with you and the men you select.

We must be wise in the selection process. Ask yourself – how do you choose whom you date? Does he need to be tall, dark and handsome? Does he need to be career-driven and have a good job? Does he need to dress a certain way, talk a certain way,like to do the same things you do? Although all these things are important, they are not the most important when choosing a suitable dating partner. Continue reading

GFQ Results! Women don’t chose who they are going to be with…

Another oldie but goodie!

On April 20th 2010 this question went out….

This morning on the TJMS Jaqui was interviewing a newswoman (Julia Yarborough)  who quit her job and her and her girlfriend are on a tour in search of a man. (No joke…here is the site:http://single-woman.tv/2010/04/miami-news-anchor-leaves-lucrative-job-and-hits-the-highway-in-search-of-a-husband) in the interview she said that men have told her that in reality women don’t chose who they are going to be with…the men do.

So Girlfriends is this statement  True or False?

….and the Girlfriends responded:

  • “False, false and false.  Women just let men THINK they are choosing us.  It’s just that we most often regret the choices we make in men.”
  • “True and false -Both have to choose the other because if one rejects the other (regardless of the sex), then the other is never chosen.”
  • “The men who have told her that are single.  I’d bet money.”

What about you….what thought do you have under your brim?