I am not THAT Bour·geoi·sie

Sooooooo……I attended an event this week that had me so livid, I shared the experience in a chat with my sisters who encouraged me to share it with you, so if you don’t like it, blame them. I started the conversation to them in a jokingly serious text “contrary to some opinion, I just left an event that made me walk away convinced that I am not THAT bourgeois” ( …sorry I think today it is splashed on tee-shirts misspelled as boojie).


Here is what happened: The commute to the beautiful venue was peaceful as I carpool karaoked at the top of my lungs with Eric Bellinger, tablet ready to write notes and participate in world changing discussions. Smugly looking at the frustrated faces of the commuters in the traffic leaving the city, I am relieved I was so smart to wait and come in later. I am now only 10 minutes away and parking is right next door. This is lovely….annnnndddd…..FULL STOP! If you were wondering the answer is yes….you most certainly CAN take 25 minutes to go two blocks.

Finally I arrive….greeted by the hostess, check coat, grab name tag and begin the ascent into heaven (it seems) going up the gadbillion stairs to the standing room event area.  Behold!! A standing room crowded with a sea of dark suits wearing name tags, stage, backdrop, a few highboys (so much for note taking)…..Wait!!! Is that food??!!!

I began navigating my way to the table of food. Nodding, smiling and shaking a few hands as I try not to look like I’m about to tuck a napkin in my shirt collar and hide in the aid2364974-v4-728px-Make-Crostini-Step-11corner with a full plate. To my chagrin, the smorgasbord I imagined through my no-glasses squint, turned out to be the complete opposite. In pretty dishes, elevated in varying heights on a black table cloth are  crackers that look like unleavened matzo topped curiously with goat cheese and a brown drizzle (later identified as possibly balsamic something or other), dried apricots (why??), salami, hard cheese with a lovely blue cheese crumble, more crackers a bowl of whole mushrooms floating in I don’t know what (again – WHY), bruschetta toast (nothing on top but at least there is a bottle of olive oil). For sheer survival, as I felt my blood glucose level plummeting, I grab a few pieces of the lunch-meat, cheese, some of the fancy mixed nuts and balance them on a tiny plate. Did I mention how much I despise mushrooms?

Don’t panic I tell myself just as I see people using forks. That is a great sign that there is more food. Next table…. YES, more food!! I nod and smile my way through the sea of suits wearing name tags, careful to not spill any of the mixed nuts balanced precariously on my tiny plate, to be greeted by the silver servers that promise hot food.  FINALLY!!! I walk up to the carving  of a very rare roast beef…nope. Pasta in a cream sauce with more of those whole ginormous mushrooms….nope. Did he just stick his entire hand in that bread?….pass.

Sigh….lemme go to one of the bars and get a cold (company name tag suddenly sticks to my hair) Sprite please.

Surely there is more. Must be after the speaker. One of the suits begins to speak on the microphone, introduces team, introduction of speaker and now the speaker. By now I am so hangry I am popping triangles of Related imagesalami with bits of hard cheddar in my mouth like skittles with reckless abandon and very little class as the suit closes his speech and thanks us for coming.

Alarms go off as I munch on my last macadamia That’s it? There isn’t any more food???!!!  I SPRINT to coat-check (note – there is a long line) to grab my coat and head to the parking garage ($15). Finally, home…starving and heating up my leftover lunch willing the microwave to hurry.

Guess how much the ticket cost for this lovely evening.  I’ll wait….. TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY *&^% DOLLARS!! Yup. $250 for cheese and crackers (plus $15 for parking).  Afterwards I had to giggle as I reflected. I love how life is always an adventure. I met a few people and saw beautiful artwork; however, looking back on the evening I realized I am not as bourgeois as some would think as I  experience networking Under my Business Brim.


Overcome Financial Fears

OVERCOME FINANCIAL FEARS WITH HOPE IN GOD’S WORD –  If money (or the lack of it) has you feeling stressed, you can turn to God’s Word for comfort. written by Hanna DeMarco

You run your card through the machine a second time, a third time, a fourth. But each time, you see the same words pop up on the screen, screaming at you as the machine angrily beeps: DECLINED.

Frantically, you search through your bag for cash, loose change, anything. Nothing.

You think, Okay, maybe I can do this. I can make this

You ask the cashier to take off the extra loaf of bread. You tell yourself you can get rid of the carton of eggs, the box of cereal, the hand soap.

Then you run your card a final time. But, still, it’s not enough.

Customers waiting behind you in line begin to grumble. You can feel their hot stares. You see a few of them grab their carts and stomp away to a different checkout line.

Briefly, with a surge of dark humor, you think, “Maybe I should just start bartering with the cashier.

But you don’t. Instead you politely apologize, watch the cashier place your bags behind the counter, and leave empty-handed.

Left with Nothing, Given Everything

When you’re caught at the end of a checkout line with no money in your bank account to pay for your purchases, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, humiliated, and defeated.

But even in those incredibly jarring and stressful moments, God is with you. With God, you do not need to feel defeated. Instead, you can rest in the comfort and assurance of God’s protection over you—even when you feel like you are left with nothing.

If you’re wracked with financial dread today, I invite you to meditate on these Bible verses of hope and safety:

  1. Don’t worry about anything, but in all your prayers ask God for what you need, always asking him with a thankful heart. And God’s peace, which is far beyond human understanding, will keep your hearts and minds safe in union with Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7 (GNTD)
  2. May God, the source of hope, fill you with all joy and peace by means of your faith in him, so that your hope will continue to grow by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13 (GNTD)
  3. Leave all your worries with him, because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7 (GNTD)
  4. The LORD himself will lead you and be with you. He will not fail you or abandon you, so do not lose courage or be afraid. Deuteronomy 31:8 (GNTD)

Young, Ambitious and Beautiful: Millennials Help Black Women Build Businesses

By Mia Hall – At the beginning of 2017, Forbes wrote that there were no Black women running any of the Fortune 500 companies. Lauren Bealore and her team at Young, Ambitious and Beautiful (YAB) are working now to shift that statistic. Continue reading

What’s in Your Podcast Playlist?


Women-Hosted Podcasts for Entrepreneurshappy young woman with smartphone and headphones

While most of our picks focus on topics like business and stories of successful women, we’ve thrown in a few bonuses: brain-building podcasts about science and human relations to give you a break from busy entrepreneur life, and boost creative and critical thinking.  Pop in your earphones, sit back, and absorb some great discussion by the women of podcasting.

1. Being Boss

 Hosts: Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon
Topic: Entrepreneurship


Recommended by:
Casandra Campbell, Content Marketer, Shopify

“As the name suggests, Being Boss focuses on one of the more delicate parts of entrepreneurship: being a boss. Being the person in charge and responsible for growing a successful business is tough, but it’s also rewarding. Being Boss aims to make your transition to this role smoother.” – Casandra

2. The Great Girlfriends Show

Hosts: Sybil Amuti and Brandice Daniel
Topic: Entrepreneurship


The hosts of this podcast have great energy and chemistry with each other and with their guests. Episodes cover a really wide range of subjects like empowerment, beauty, emotional health, and love, but many episodes are geared towards women in starting businesses. Sybil and Brandice’s guests are often really inspiring and entrepreneurial women of color.

Episodes of note: #84 and 85, Creating a Successful Business from Scratch

3. Happier

Host: Gretchen Rubin
Topic: Success and Happiness

Recommended by:
 Dayna Winter, Writer, Shopify

Episode of note: #29, The Fantasy of Perfection“At the top of each episode, Gretchen rattles off the goals/keywords for that day’s podcast, which helps to understand what to expect before you commit to 30 minutes of the topic. If you like Gretchen’s books (I recommend The Happiness Project), her podcast is presented in the same manner—casual, light, and peppered with personal anecdotes. The topics vary from parenting to eliminating clutter to time management but are all centered around making the life and work decisions that ultimately make you happy. The podcast is full of tips to help achieve efficiency and minimize stress—perfect for busy entrepreneurs.” – Dayna


4. Women of the Hour

Host: Lena Dunham

Topic: Women


Recommended by:

Francine Navarro, Developer, Shopify

“Each episode in this podcast miniseries features candid conversations with women sharing unexpected and sometimes uncomfortable insights about questions big and small. While the guest list includes well-known figures like Zadie Smith, Joss Whedon, and Dunham’s co-stars on Girls, the most memorable episodes, such as the one on faith and spirituality, showcase the individual stories of everyday women whose experiences and personalities are nevertheless inspiring.” – Francine

5. After the Jump

Host: Grace Bonney
Topic: Creators and Entrepreneurs


Recommended by:

Chelsea Rudderham, Talent Acquisition, Shopify

“Host Grace Bonney interviews established and up-and-coming designers, artists, and entrepreneurs to showcase what challenges they face in pursuing their passion and craft.” – Chelsea

6. Raise Your Hand Say Yes

Host: Tiffany Han
Topic: Entrepreneurship


Brand strategist and creative director Tiffany Han interviews some really inspiring women—designers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs alike—on topics like risk taking and productivity. Her podcast aims to “light fires under creative women to create bold brands and businesses that they love”.  Episode of note: #51 Lisa Congdon on Passion Projects

7. Magic Lessons

 Host: Elizabeth Gilbert
Topic: Creativity


Recommended by: Katie Hudson, Marketer, Shopify


“Sometimes it can feel like creativity can be hard to come by. Where do people find their inspiration? How do they stay motivated and push through any roadblocks that prevent them from doing what they truly love? As a continuation of Eay, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert interviews a variety of people from different backgrounds and shares their amazing stories of success. This podcast is inspiring, uplifting, and a great storytelling piece. Check it out!” – Katie

8. Spent

 Host: Lindsay Goldwert
Topic: Finance


Recommended by: Dayna Winter, Writer, Shopify

Episode of note: #20, Mike Lemme: Should You Put Your Dreams on a Credit Card?“This is ‘the podcast for the financially challenged’ (*raises hand*). Lindsay takes dry topics like personal finance and makes them funny—but she’s also very knowledgable. The episodes vary from repaying student loans to asking for money, and many, like the episode below, are relevant to bootstrapping, self-funded entrepreneurs. Lindsay’s great podcast voice and her guests, who are often comedians, keep each topic engaging.” – Dayna

9. Entrefamily

 Host: Stephanie Langford (and husband, Ryan)
Topic: Entrepreneurship and Family


Recommended by: Theresa Nguyen, Talent Development, Shopify


“Love this podcast! Stephanie and her husband are serial entrepreneurs that also love to travel. They juggle multiple businesses and 6 children and travel the world for stretches at a time. Really inspiring.” – Theresa

10. She Means Business

 Host: Carrie Green
Topic: Entrepreneurship


Recommended by: Chelsea Rudderham, Talent Acquisition, Shopify


“Carrie Green is passionate about starting and growing businesses. Her podcast takes the listener through a weekly show filled with tips and tricks to help entrepreneurs build successful businesses.” – Chelsea

11. The Broad Experience

Host: Ashley Milne-Tyte
Topic: Women in the Workplace


Recommended by: Shannon Gallagher, Apprentice Product Manager, Shopify

Episode of note: #96, Burnout“The Broad Experience is an honest show about women’s unique experience in the workplace. The host is no-nonsense and she does a great job of uncovering and intelligently discussing issues that many of us have, but not all of us talk about.” – Shannon

12. StartUp

Host: Lisa Chow
Topic: Entrepreneurship


Recommended by:

Kevin McPhillips, Order Manager, Shopify

Episode of note: S2E1, Origin Story“Season two of StartUp follows an all-female tech startup building the online dating site, Dating Ring. It is a raw and intimate day-to-day account of how frantic and difficult it can be to run a tech startup. It follows the company and the founders through the lifecycle of their business, and frequently touches on the complexities of being women entrepreneurs in a male dominated field. Season 3 is also good, covering a number of topics, but largely the controversial story of American Apparel and its founder Dov Charney.” – Kevin

If you’re looking for even more podcast inspiration from the badass women running businesses on Shopify, check out our very own Felix Thea on Shopify Masters, as he interviews the likes of Debbie Sterling of Goldie Blox, Cindy Chan of Dotoly, and Candice Galex of Bikini Luxe.

Or—get this, Girlboss—why don’t you create your own podcast?UnderHerBrim_Blog

What’s coming through your headphones these days Under Your Brim? Share your favorite women-hosted podcasts in the comments below.



What’s Changed Since Lean In?

It was a bestseller that begat a catchphrase and, we thought, a movement: Lean In. Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg’s 2013 book on how to get ahead (or just get equality) in the workplace became an immediate touchstone for a generation of women who had gotten their foot in the door but now didn’t know what to do. Continue reading

Were Rihanna’s Predictions Correct?

Happy Humpdaayyy!!!  How is your week going?  Well hopefully it is going well but no matter
how you’re week is going this was too cute to keep to myself.  Thought I’d share so you can take a moment, smile and be entertained as we press through our week. Pause, take a break. Continue reading

Get the Photoshop Outta Here! – Target’s Super Awesome Swimsuit Ad


Source: Target


Target has made my entire life with their most recent bathing suit ads. Have you heard about the untouched ads? No Photoshop (you heard me) no airbrushing out the stretch marks or crow’s feet no adding sparkles to the eyes or trimming the thighs. The photos in this swimsuit campaign show a variety of the real humans that will be shopping for swimsuits this spring. Real skin, real shapes and sizes.

In a shoot for its new swim line, Target is my hero for taking a logical stance and not inundating me with size zero models splayed out on the beach in a drop-dead-gorgeous bathing suit that my upper half can’t fit and my lower half laughs at me for even thinking about trying. The photos, which debuted Thursday in a press release, are being lauded for featuring a wide range of ethnicities and body types — and above all else for boldly ditching Photoshop entirely.j8bzs5w

Can we take a pause and look at the range of suits? OMGEEEE a two-piece that doesn’t make me look like I’m a member of the YMCA synchronized swim team!! Plus-size (which just means you don’t wear an A cup) offerings that aren’t limited to that one-piece with triple thick straps; instead, intricate crisscrossed detailing, vivid bright colors, prints and cutouts are readily available.


Source: Target

This is a great move for Target, which has steadily been making its swimwear offerings more inclusive over the past several years. This is just another step in this inclusion. Back in 2015 Target launched a campaign called “Target Loves Every Body,” with the main goal being to “bring the fun” back to swimsuit shopping for women of all sizes. Bring back fun is great but there is also a business strategy here. When Aerie stopped photoshop-ping its ads, for example, sales spiked 20 percent. The other reason is less scientific – maybe just maybe people want to buy swimsuits that were genuinely designed with them in mind. We send you cheers of Thank You Target. What are your thoughts from Under Your Brim?UnderHerBrim_Blog