Living on Purpose & Taking Yourself off Purpose-Punishment

Written by: Brittany Naturaltylist M. of  Let’s #BeWomen Support Group

BLOG-Living-on-PurposeWhile we are still just getting our feet wet into this new year of 2018, I’m sure lots of you have already made some “New Year’s resolutions”, some have decided to do away with the tiresome tradition, and others seem to just be pleasantly proud of who they were in 2017, with no desire for change.

Personally, I feel like there’s always time and space for positive change in some area of each of our lives. I do agree though, that it doesn’t always have to be drastic or formal, and it definitely shouldn’t align with anyone else’s goals or visions but your own.

Sit down and analyze, brainstorm, and constructively review your entire existence. Ask yourself…

  • How can I make myself better?
  • What bad habits can I conquer?
  • How can I make life easier, daily?
  • What can I do to get the most out of the 24hrs we are granted each day?

Sometimes we get so caught up in what the rest of the world is doing that we can get discouraged and forget how much potential we have right here within ourselves.

Lots of people pick January 1st to “start over” or make anew… but to be honest, successful people change and evolve all year round. Those who are chasing successful, happier lifestyles are always working on some aspect of themselves. This work is put in to avoid stagnation or settling for a life that’s less than what they deserve due to “time off” of self-development.


Living on Purpose message title

I say this to say, LIVE ON PURPOSE! It is never too late to get your hands dirty working on the most important project of your life, which is YOURSELF. Plan that trip you’ve been dreaming about forever. Take that class you’ve been wanting to take, learn a new craft, discover a new hobby, train for that 5K run, start up that new business you’ve been thinking about.

When you continue to wait for the right time or the right place in your life, you will continue to miss your opportunity. Habitually missed opportunities can lead to hopeless days and self-pitiful nights. It can change your entire perspective of your life and fulfillment of purpose if you are not living up to your fullest potential. Subconsciously, you can not be proud of yourself when you know you are not doing your best.  From one  empowered but imperfect woman of purpose to another, I am asking you to TAKE YOURSELF OFF OF PURPOSE-PUNISHMENT! Get out there and deliver to this world what ONLY YOU were designed and created to deliver!

You will feel liberated, rejuvenated, motivated, and inspired by your OWN damn self. Your mornings will be bright because you’ll be eager to show yesterday up and make new progress. Your nights will be rewarding, calm… and your sleep will even be more satisfying because you’ll be so proud of your dedication. Not to mention, the biggest benefit of living on purpose is the effect your growth and prosperity will have on others. Essentially, you will be making the world a better place by simply becoming your best self.2017-08-17-16_12_45-live-life-to-the-fullest-Google-SearchUnderHerBrim_Blog


Brittany M. is a Philadelphia native mother, wife and powerhouse entrepreneur. She describes herself as a risk taker & corporate job-quitter! In 2013 she walked away from her 9-5 WITH benefits, to chase her dreams, live in her purpose and take as many people with her that want to live freely! Learn more about her at

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