I Speak A New Language – porque soy más del 40!!

I work for an organization where some of my colleagues speak many languages. It is an enviable ability that has had me wish I really paid attention when Senior Fazinni was teaching my Spanish class, at least to recall more than a few phrases. The one that I still remember and used most – ¿puedo ir al baño so  I could find a study hall to socialize in. I’m ashamed but confession is good for the soul. Hola NAHS clase de 89!!

Recently my girlfriend Helen (‘sup Helli Hell?!!) introduced me to Tyree Elaine who helped me realize that I AM multi-lingual!! All this time I didn’t even realize it! That’s what friends do, bring out the best in you and check you when you are underachieving.  Yup, as time has gone by in my life I have learned a new language and didn’t even realize it. When I made this discovery I practiced often and was very pleased with myself for embracing this skill and utilizing what has been within me all of this time.  Now here is your warning – as with anything, not everyone likes it when you work on your new-ness and improve you. Brace yourself and be ready to ignore the haters. They come from everywhere and you will sometimes be surprised where the shade comes from. My own daughter looked at me – rolled her eyes and asked who she has to thank for my new vernacular.

I know I’m not the only one. Use the comment box below and share! Do not hide your gifts to make them feel better but hold your head high because you earned every moment and work hard in this life to grow them. Send your haters to Proverbs 18:16 and unapologetically declare have a blessed and prosperous day- porque soy más del 40 from Under your Brim!


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