The Big Reveal!!

20160808_053821.jpgWalking on the Boardwalk at the shore….and came across this gem. Go ahead and look at it again…I’ll wait. Did you peep (as my kids would say)? The irony got my attention and made me stop to snap a picture. It wasn’t the lovely red and blue letters covering every inch of space on the banner screaming it’s message, nor was it the oh-so-pristine & ornate security gate that made me share this with you all (you’re welcome). As I giggled and sent it to my fellow sarcastic/ironic/blooper loving friends (Heeyy  Opod, PJ and TeeDubb) I thought of an expression that would make the perfect caption for this picture if this was the picture of  a person.  ‘When people show you who they are, believe them’  – The cautionary advice given by the great Dr. Maya Angelou in these nine simple words carry an often ignored wisdom. Look at the picture again. Clearly the gate is down but we know without even witnessing it, some genius walked up, read the sign, saw the gate down & lights off and still looked for another door on the side or out back to go inside, after all it’s NEVER CLOSED!!.

People show  who they are which is as important as what they tell you . Yes, there is a difference. I say with my words that I am an airline pilot (….it could be true….maybe). You see me we wearing Any Airlines pilot uniform, rolling my carry-on down the gang plank, boarding a plane, reviewing flight plan & number of passengers information with the flight crew before planting myself in the pilot’s seat in the cockpit – now my words seem plausible. …or…I say that I am an airline pilot I but you see me at Any Ice Cream Store behind the freezers holding an ice cream scoop, wearing a name tag emblazoned with the Any Ice Cream logo, an ‘Ask ME about the Flavor of the Month’ happy-faced button and I’m asking the all important question – cup or cone. Regardless of what I said pertaining to my downloadclaim of being a pilot, in this situation – would you step up to the freezer in front of the rocky road and ask about the eta of Any Airlines flight #816?
So why the hard time with such a simple concept  – believe who people are?  Are we being the ultimate optimists dreamily hopeful of a fairy tale outcome? Are we fearful that if we are too pessimistic we will miss awesomeness – so we analyze & search for a thread of microscopic hope or are we flat out naively swiUnderHerBrim_Blogmming in denial (it ain’t just a river in Egypt…get it de Nile)? Acknowledging  who people are will help gauge which glass is really needed,(kidding…maybe) the  extent of emotion, energy and time to invest when interacting with them. Like the wine glasses, the perception & view are up to the individual  (prayer can certainly help with clarity) when looking at people from Under Your Brim.


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