True Story


There is truly never a dull moment when you look at each day as an adventure.
There is a cognitive choice to see the day-to-day routine activities of life as boring & mundane or new adventures. The alternative is to be a buzzkilling Eyore who is just blaaahh-boooo whooooo about everything.

I choose the latter. A fresh, new and adventurous day. Now I have my days where it all sucks like everyone else but  ‘all of my good days, outweigh my bad days….(throw your head back and sing it with me)…I won’t complain.’ With that in mind I’ll share one of these adventures and I assure you, as creative as my imagination can be, this is a true story.


While waiting for my sister at our
coffee spot, I watch a woman pull out of the parking lot and make a left turn. Normally that would be nothing to note, but she turned onto a 3 lane major road (dang near a highway)that was one way! The blaring horn of the oncoming tractor trailer hauling ‘wide load’ stuff made everyone in the parking lot turn towards the angry blare and look. Dramatic gasps, expressions of ‘what the? ‘ and ‘oh my gawds filled the air as everyone in the parking lot watched the disaster unfold.

The poor lady immediately recognized her mistake and was doing her best to cross the two lanes and make a left into the shopping center parking lot to get out of the way. As her luck would have it, a police car was behind the tractor trailer and she was now face to face with the flashing lights of the police. The police officer jumped out of the patrol car like it had suddenly caught fire and yelled incredulously …WHHATTT ARRREE YOOOUU DOOING??!!

Meanwhile the coffe shop parking lot has beome a social scene. Onlookers were sipping coffee and chatting about the misfortune of the driver as the police followed her into the adjoining parking lot. The lady in the car next to me struck up a conversation about what we were seeing as her passenger ran in the store to get coffee. People were returning to thier cars and my car-neighbor’s passenger had returned. As she started her car to leave I said  “Have a nice day” to which this total stranger replied….”You too, I love you”.


I looked at my daughter for confirmation. Clearly I heard her wrong. The big eyes staring back at me as if she had seen 100 ghosts let me know that I wasn’t hallucinating and that this woman just proclaimed she loved me. I feebely responded…..”uhm, be safe out ba207db8f332e0333d73cac9283545d6there.” My daughter finally able to speak looked at me and said “yup Mom, that just happened.” True story of what happens….as I see an adventure at every turn, from Under My Brim.


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