Kryptonite with your Coffee?

2478217-mug-of-black-coffee-with-coffee-beansYou walk through the door and are greeted by the intermingling aromas of fresh baked pastries and rich savory coffee. This welcoming scent woos you to explore and accentuates the atmosphere. You order a giant cookie and a cup of coffee as you look around for a comfy seat. With cookie and coffee in hand you head to an oversized chair in the corner, sit back and peruse your favorite comic book. There you have it….kryptonite with your coffee!

You must be at Amalgam Comics & Coffee House located at the corner of Frankford and Huntingdon Avenue in Philadelphia.

Owner Ariell Johnson is a Temple accounting major and says a certain superhero inspired her to go from student to her superhero wardrobe. She is quoted saying:storm2

“To be in the corporate world you kind of have to put on a costume,” Johnson said. “Although I like costumes, that’s not the costume I’d like to wear.”

When looking for a place to meet & greet or relax with a cup of coffee – stop by Amalgam Comics & Coffee House. If you see Ariell, take a moment and congratulate her on being the first African-American female comic store owner on the east coast! We salute you from Under Our Brim.


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