Get your Plow

“When I grow up I wanna be just like her” the little girl says. “I’m going to be just like him when I grow up” says the little boy. “Man I wish I had his/her (pick one that YOU have said)Dress-Up11:

  • money
  • marriage
  • career
  • family
  • home
  • business….you get the idea.

There is nothing wrong with admiration as long as it doesn’t turn to envy. Envy manifests as shade or hater-ation. Before you know it you start saying things like: OOoooooohhhhh I can’t stand her/him! Thinking she/he’s allll that because she works at—drives a — lives over —.

I once heard a man say “don’t judge my harvest until you’ve seen my seed.” In other words, while they are out sweating in the heat, batting off flies, mosquitoes and dodging other creatures of the earth digging the trenches, you didn’t notice. When their knuckles 5810375351_7b69594107_bwere raw, nails broken and fingers swollen from planting seeds and puling weeds, you were nowhere to be found. When they were not going events to work in the hot sun watering, fertilizing and fending off predators from taking the seeds….you didn’t notice.

When the harvest grew in abundance and yielded more than enough to sell and make a profit…..that is when people stood back and took notice. They judged the outcome but didn’t see the work.

While looking at the end result of that persons cash flow you don’t see the 60-80 hour work weeks, missed recitals and social sacrifices. You were not aware of the strain on the family as that business owner worked 2-3 jobs to save the money to invest in that business. That family went through hell which is what brought them closer together, but you weren’t there when they were shedding tears. Go ahead, you put in the amount of work that often leaves the owner of that thing you are looking at with awe, unable to even find the time to enjoy it. If you want it, you have to have the muscle, fortitude, commitment and conviction to take all that comes with it.

There will always be someone that has bigger, drives newer and makesyoucandoit
more. Always. As soon as you reach a pinnacle, someone has been there already. Are you celebrating the accomplishments of others while continuing to care for your crops or are you leaning on the side of the house with your arms folded jealous and angry? Is your field surrounded by encouraging friends who are keeping you accountable. Positive fertilizer motivating you to plow a little more to reaching your goal? To whom much is given, much is required  so roll up your sleeves, use your muscle and get to work. What is the state of your harvest as you look at your field from Under your Brim?


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