Keep Your Judgment in 2016

no-new-year-resolutions-why-bother-isolated-white-background-55945683Happy New Year! May it be full of joy, peace, love and blessings for you and your family!

The question often asked at the end of the year is ‘what is your New Year resolution?’ Over the years I was ready with an answer (aren’t I always) because the New Year was a magical eraser that would blot out the missed goals and shortcomings that I had long left for dead in the outgoing year. A fresh ‘page’ in my book of life to write on it whatever I wanted and the renewed energy that the date of January 1 (insert year here) to do it. While all of this magic is happening  – in the back of my mind there is the nagging feeling of dread that these same resolutions that I revisit year after year with an optimistic, childlike naïveté and mantra of ‘this time it will be different’ will become a distant memory around March/April. Thank you but you can keep your judgement.

Next comes the guilt, shame, judgement and sheer frustration of yet another goal not being accomplished. Being asked about them by a friend when you are seen in a store… all with an air of superiority (especially if they are still on the path of accomplishment) secretly judging you….’soooo how are you doing with that resolution to better manage your finances?’ Sure we dress it up under the term of ‘resolution’ but once it’s tossed into the closet of the unfinished, unmet and unaccomplished….it’s a dead goal. No I don’t want to share any with you so that you can look down your nose away from your own closet of dead goals no thanks, keep your judgement in 2016.

My resolution is very simple. I’m going to adopt the theme from ol’ blue eyes himself and do it Mmmyyyyy Wwwaaaayyyyy!

I did it my way.

I did it my way.

How is this simple ‘well duuhh’ statement a profound declaration of a  groundbreaking resolution?   Here’s the deal, we’re told the way you start the year is the way your year is going to be (don’t act like you’ve never heard that before). So I’ve cleaned my entire house from top to bottom (want my house to be clean all year), put dimes in the windows (to have money throughout the year), prayed and oiled every entrance (keep God first, evil out and protect this home and all who enter), did all of the laundry (refer back to the clean house), cooked (and ate) black-eyed peas (of all foods, this one yields luck?) and whipped out a new journal to REALLY write in it the coming year…this time) all before December 31 (insert year here) 11:58PM. Over, and over and year after year.

Guess what happened in the incoming year(s)? The house had to be new-years-black-eyed-peas-150x300cleaned again, budgetary surprises that had to be addressed, great times, sad times, hard times and times of peace. Tears, joys, triumphs, heartbreaks, deaths, births and all of the in between. Yup, life still went on even after I cooked (and ate) them freakin’ black-eyed peas. There I said it.

Google judges me. Tells me my password strength is weak. Imagine that, an inanimate computer app can bring me to the brink of throwing my computer out of the window. So much so that I outdo myself and show Google who is boss by creating a password that will meet it’s approval but that I can’t remember later. People judge how we look, how we raise our kids, how we walk in our faith (or lack of). We are doomed to judgement if people share advice we don’t take. We are judged by the company we keep, where we work (or don’t work). The status of our relationship (married, single, divorced or dating) our education level, where we got our education. We are judged if we are vegans, meat-aterians, dieters, juicers or organics only. How we handle our businesses, ministries, our lives our EVERYTHING….scrutinized, microscoped and judged.

Today I declare that in 2016 you can keep your oppressive judgement. Who is with me as I stand on my ‘resolution’ to live my life my way? I trust that God has a plan for me and that my life will be bright, free and joyful as I look at it from Under my Brim.




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