Purple Purse for Domestic Violence Awareness

Financial-Abuse-The-Purple-Purse-Challenge (1)4 women will read this — and one of you will be a victim of Domestic Violence.

Suit up Gladiators! Grab your white cap and purple purse! Our favorite gladiator (for the Scandal watchers) is not only an acclaimed actress who is currently in the role as Olivia Pope, but Kerry Washington now adds handbag designer & Domestic Violence & financial abuse ambassador to her list of accomplishments. Why is the news of another star designing a handbag worthy of My Tattered Brim’s attention? It is newsworthy to us gladiator survivors of domestic violence because of why she did it.  Partnering with with Allstate Foundation, Kerry now shares her time, talent, voice and passion to bring domestic violence & financial abuse out of the shadows and help women break free.

all-state-foundation-purple-purse (1)

Get your purple purse or the beautiful charm today by going to: http://purplepurse.com/get-involved/get-a-2015-purple-purse-and-charm

Kerry speaks about the purse:
Knowing purple is the signature color for domestic violence, I worked with designer Dee Ocleppo to create a new limited edition Purple Purse – to represent the center of a woman’s financial domain and inspire survivors to reclaim their financial independence. Together, we wanted to create an on-trend clutch that women can carry with pride – putting financial control and freedom directly into their hands. This powerful symbol, the Allstate Foundation Purple Purse, will ignite fundraising in the Purple Purse Challenge for more than 160 national, state and local organizations to provide life-changing services to domestic violence survivors across the country.” Hear more about this campaign directly from the ambassador herself in the video below. Please take a moment to comment and share your thoughts from Under your tattered Brim


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