Held Hostage by a Waterbug

tumblr_m7s0vurhB31qaqk32Yes….you heard me. I was held hostage by what looked like the most gigantic bug in the whole wide world. It was horrible and no one was there to rescue me! All I wanted was a quick snack out of the kitchen. The house was quiet and I was feeling pretty good about my accomplishments of the day. Shoot after a day like I had, I deserve a little treat besides, it would be a the perfect compliment to this episode of NCIS as I wind down.

Humming a little to myself I tipped down into the kitchen and saw a ‘cricket’ on the kitchen floor. I did what most normal people would do that do NOT want a ‘cricket’ to jump on their bare feet, I bawled up a napkin and threw it at the ‘cricket’. Logically thinking if it hops out of my way it won’t touch me, I won’t bother it , I can go on about my business of snack-titude and he can hop away and live another day. WRONG.  To my chagrin, the ‘cricket’ tensed, turned towards the threat of the giant napkin-snowball and that is when it happened. The ‘cricket’ had positioned where I could clearly see that it was in fact a ginormous water-bug. OHHH-EMMMM-GEEEE! I’m not proud of what happened next, but it happened and confession is good for the soul so don’t judge me. I didn’t want to squish this tyrannosaurus of the water bug kingdom (notice it gets bigger and bigger as I try to get my snack) so I improvised.

Thinking quickly I turned into the brave scardy cat (and the much hated stereotype of girlie squeemish), I climbed onto the wpid-woman-standing-on-a-chair-and-screaming-because-of-a-cockroachnearest chair, reached under the sink and grabbed the oven cleaner. Oh I am getting those Oreos Mr. MegaWaterbug. I sprayed and waited to see him run (because I am safe on the chair). Nothing…it staggered a little but to my joy it went far enough away for me to clean up the foam mess (with one eye on the foam covered bug). Turns out the oven cleaner was Resolve carpet cleaner sooooo I basically cleaned the water-bug too.


This is stupid, I’m over it something as simple as a dang snack has turned into a production, he’s in his corner mocking me so I backed out of the kitchen. In my room I am chastising myself for letting a stupid bug keep me from getting a snack. “…you really let a bug punk you? Did that really just happen? You look so silly on that chair, so glad it’s not on video…What is wrong with me, I pay the bills here, I’m not being held hostage by a bug.” Armed with new bravery and determination I put on my sneakers and tipped right on back down those stairs. I’ll show him…..

There in my living room… mockingly waddling across the floor with just a spot of Resolve carpet spray was that freakin’ water-bug. I just turned around, walked back up the steps and went to bed. It is official, I have been held hostage by a water-bug. In actuality, my fear (of being touched by it….shudder) was the real hostage keeper but when I was armed, I started talking to my fear (in this case that nasty bug) and it wasn’t as threatening. In fact it was silly. Even though I didn’t get any Oreos that night, I did have the renewed resolve to face my fears armed (with information, education or whatever I needed) to reduce it’s size and/or threat. To conquer it and change it from a fear to a silly giggle as I look at it from Under my Brim.ba207db8f332e0333d73cac9283545d6


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