Hello Yuck Mouth!

Hello Yuck Mouth!

YUP! Here it is people. Once again we have to be reminded to be selfish, take some time away from the world and spend time taking care of us.

  • Nope, can’t take kids to the next activity, dentist or doctor appointment.
  • Dinner will have to wait – let them reheat leftovers.
  • Most jobs have sick days or personal time. Use one.
  • Entrepreneur? Take an hour out of your day from the computer, it will be there when you get back.

Other than making excuses for why you can’t do this….What are you doing with this time you ask? You are going to the dentist. There….I said it – the “D” word!

I have a RIDICULOUS fear of needles so I learned to ignore the warning pang on the left side of my jaw when I chewed

True Story!

food. I didn’t stop there, I thanked God for giving me an alternative side to chew on especially when the dentist said ‘root canal’. No thanks, if it hurts when I chew over there, I won’t chew over there – Problem solved.

Then one day I couldn’t  get my mouth open to put food in it unless I unhinged my jaw really, really slooooowwwwwllly. No worries, I didn’t need to eat all of my lunch anyway. Then my eye just kept feeling funny and no matter how hard I blinked, I could not get it together. Hmmmmm, must need to walk away from this screen and wear my glasses. Then people were stopping and asking me if I was ok because my face looked bad. Seriously – just because I don’t have on makeup, my face is NOT that bad. I looked in the mirror to assess this ‘bad face’ and to my horror my face was swollen so bad, my eye (yeah the one ‘bothering me’) was dang near shut. What the HECK! In the words of my sister…Yeah….about that tooth. Did I mention my friend Tonya shared an article with me on how someone died from a toothache? Well, it was the infection (sepsis) that got into his blood. Guess who went to the dentist….and got all her teeth poked, pricked, filled, cleaned and sealed. I share this with my sisters who congratulate and encourage me but the younger one admits that she has some work that needs to be done, but a bad dental experience has her where I was a root canal and 2 fillings ago.

Fast forward two weeks ago I get a picture that horrified me. My sister in the hospital with a ginormous swollen jaw. OH MY GOD (I respond to the sister group text) what the -WHAT-HAPPENED??!! Her response…..’yeah about that tooth’. Hello Yuck-Mouth.

Don’t ignore your body. Don’t become a yuck mouth. Take the time to take care of YOU before you are laying in a hospital bed looking out at the world from under a hospital gown.



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