Getting Wiggy with It

weave-vs-naturalI am in love with the freedom of natural hair, protective styles that is prevalent in social media, mainstream media and  the workforce. The message is clear, you can now be comfortable being the beautiful being that you are! Hooray!! Fading are the days where your intelligence and business acumen are judged in the halls of corporate America because you wear a twist out and not the tight IBM style bun in your hair. No more is it assumed that because you have lovely locks adorning your crown that you are rebellious or ubber-mega militant. FINALLY a freedom has been bestowed upon us! PERMISSION has been granted! YOLO! I’m doing me! Keeping it one-hunnert (I just saw my kids roll their eyes at the YOLO and 100 references….you’re welcome children!)

Sorry, put away the confetti, cancel the band don’t throw that parade yet….now it seems the freedom that we are now utilizing. The teaching that we are to be confident in who we are and comfortable within our skin is now being stifled by the very ones who encouraged us to exercise our individuality. Because we have the inherent need to fight, disagree or feel superior to someone we don’t encourage this teaching within ourselves, now we are doing the opposite—-TO EACH OTHER.


Shhhhhh the battle is about to begin…..

Laydeeesss and Gentlemen….welcome to one of the oldest battles of time!!! The fight of the Century—-Weave vs. Natural! In this corner you will find weave, wigs, tracks and extensions…annnnddd in the other twists, locks, braids and cornrows. Today we have a new contender joining the battle! Ringside is crochet braids here to defend their honor and refute the accusation that crochet braids are a weave in disguise.

The word that I want to focus on, get rid of and be over it is VERSUS. If you want to rock 18 inchese9d24665e609967cddb9d3e7508f8bc0 marley_twists_afro_punk_fest_2013of rainbow Remi today and a Marly twist tomorrow, can we just agree that our beauty is in our versatility? Natural doesn’t mean you love you more and tracks don’t mean you lack confidence. Can we stop finding something to be versus! All this fighting is exhausting. Spend that energy singing your entrance-runway-theme song in your head as you boldly sashay! Smile in your uniqueness and rock your looks with fierce confidence from Under your Brim.




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