I’m Sorry my Blessings Offend you

BlessingsToday a friend and I were talking about how we (people) limit ourselves in living how we want, doing what we want and being what we want because we don’t want to offend others. I’m sorry my blessing offends you….

We don’t buy that house because we don’t want to apologize to our family that judge our every move for having 3 bedrooms when 2 will do and if we DO buy the house we feel the need to explain to anyone who visits how we wanted that 3rd bedroom to be a library/office/guestroom/craft room.

bb62318f51bbd99112853809a7eff350The truth of the matter is, we work hard and make choices that allow us to be in position to receive the blessings we have….so why are we apologizing again?  When your ‘ish is going south, things are bad, your going through there is plenty of company from these same people who are giving empty words of encouragement but quietly enjoying you in you’re sad, depressed state. Can someone please tell me why do we feel that they are worthy of any explanation about our lives?!!

My blessings offend you? That’s sorry but I’m not.

Back to the conversation with my friend, we figured it out and solved the problems of the world. We came to the conclusion that we need not live bound to the thoughts and opinions of others and we certainly need not apologize for the blessings that God bestows upon us. Why do I need to justify to you what I call a blessing, what I drive, where I work, where I live, where and  how I spend money. God said I would live the abundant life (John 10:10), why do I need to apologize to you or anyone else for believing that?

There is a freedom with being confident in who you are, comfortable in your blessing and free in your joy that can’t be found in the bondage of opinion. Be who you are, stay in your lane and enjoy the abundance of YOUR life that God grants YOU!  I know that I am a dreamer who believes  I can do it all and if that makes you uncomfortable, that’s not my problem. I’m sorry you don’t have permission to control my state of mind, joy and peace as I work, play, live and love from Under my Brim.




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