Are You Priviledged?

Priv Ques

tumblr_ngr159UlI01tlaes3o1_500Do you consider yourself to be privileged and how do you define or describe it? By privileged I don’t mean the “I wear all the name brands to maintain an appearance” – idea of privilegedness (yup made that one up) but the noun defined as “a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group of people.”In a recent video posted by Buzzfeed, several people are asked a series of questions and then told to either step forward or backward if the question applies to them. The questions were based on an exercised that was created by social activists Margo Adair & Sharon Howell.

Each question asks the participants whether or not they enjoy certain privileges or endure different disadvantages.  One participant said “I think when you can represent it visually like this and so immediately, it definitely takes a new form,“

Watch the video above to see what happened and follow the exercise and see where you would land as you look out at the world from Under your Brim.



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