GFQ: Would You Marry YOU?

As I drive along listening to the radio, the announcer shares her experience at a couples bride_mirrorretreat and then poses the question….Would YOU marry YOU?

Whether you are single, divorced, engaged or “it’s complicated” (thanks Facebook for a new ambiguous title to add to the relationship confusion) – the question itself is an excellent one for your personal assessment of YOU. Truth is, until you are comfortable with YOU and enjoy YOU….marriage should be the last thing on your mind.
LatchrugImmediately the confident ones would say “ABSOLUTELY” shoot…. (I did). However…. as I giggled to myself about how amazingly awesome I am and how anyone would be lucky to have me (even me) I took an honest look at the flip-side of me.I once heard that to God our lives are like a latch-hook rug. The human eye can only see the underside….the side with the strings, the frayed edges, the hot-mess, missed-matched look, the view that looks like utter chaos…..but God sees the other side, the picture that comes to view when you turn  the rug over. The harmony of the colors as they frame out the scene of the rug, the beauty. Seeing the beauty (in my mind) is not a problem, so I flipped over my latch hook and looked at the mismatches, the tattered threads and frayed edges and asked myself again….would YOU marry YOU?

While my answer remains the same (HEY ~ I’m awesome!), I realized how much of a piece of work I really am. Honestly I have to thank  God for loving me even though I am a frayed mess. Life is short and being truthful to yourself makes living it a lot easier, less stressful and more enjoyable.  I appreciate the moment that I heard the question so that I can continue to improve myself as I look out at the world, from Under My Brim. So comment below –  would YOU marry YOU?!

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