Nappyheaded-Afrowearing-Angela Davis-Wannabe

Nappyheaded-Afrowearing-Angela Davis-Wannabe!!!!!!

YUP!!! Had that insult loudly hurled at me out on the playground and since I thought he was oooooo soooo cute, it really cut me deep. I was so angry with my Momma for sending me out into the world looking like a Q-tip. Don’t judge me, 6th grade is rough!!! It Clicker 2didn’t get better as I went to high school and almost flunked gym because I did NOT want to get my hair wet and spend all of my lunch blow-drying it and trying to smooth it out with my butane curling iron (that would NEVER get hot enough). Oh stop looking like you didn’t have the butane clicker.

My desire to look like everyone else offended my Mom and her desire to have me out there in the world being different offended me. My flawed perception of my beauty was based on the texture and length of my hair because that is what was accepted in school, that is who was liked and that is what I wanted to be.

I’m older now…and know who Angela Davis is (being like her is not a bad thing). LOL!!!  I look back and understand that my Mommy (while biased) taught me more about who I was and how many ways my beauty shined through during what I thought were “you’re ruining my life and the world is coming to an end” hair-tastrophies. India Arie (many years later) echoed my Mom with her declarative song I am Not my Hair (we’ll chat about that later).

I still love to express myself in various hair styles, lengths, shapes, textures and colors. No matter what there is someone out there questioning the who, what , when, where, why and how… them I say – check out the video and learn….. there are things women are tired of hearing Under their Brim.


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