GFQ: Are you More Beautiful Than You Think?

ImagesLooking over my life and the lives of family, friends and others I’ve worked with in PLM (now My Tattered Brim) low self-esteem is a an ugly, choking common thread that is in the root of many unwise decisions. Who am I kidding flat out bad decisions and bad choices.

As much as I thought I didn’t have esteem issues, I can say with honesty that it was at the heart of:

  • Succumbing to peer pressure
  • Staying in that relationship
  • Accepting less when I deserved moreGirlfriends_Question2-298x300
  • Becoming something I’m not to fit into the mold so I can be accepted

But people……YOU ARE MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN YOU THINK!!  I love the Dove campaign in this video, it really shows that what we see, is not what we present to the world. So the GFQ of the day: Why is it hard for us to accept this truth? How can we stop self-sabotaging and build our self-esteem & confidence?

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