It’s None of Your Business!!

image_2146hoever the marketing genius was that coined the phrase ‘whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’ had to be a relative and that phrase is not original. It is a variation of a mantra that was taught in my family for generations. When I was growing up I learned that my business & my family’s business…was nobody’s business. What goes on in this house—stays in this house. I embraced that rule and carried it with me. It was my protection from showing any sign of weakness, vulnerability and judgement. Whenever I felt like I was tempted to tell my business, I would drive myself crazy imagining 150 variations of what could happen and would keep my mouth shut.

If you tried to get to close and entice me to share, well this song would be for you.

Today I attended and participated in the Christian Victorious Committed Women (CVCW) Spring Fling. I sat there in awe as one-by-one the most amazing women shared their lives, expertise and experiences. I was inspired by the quiet strength the women on the agenda before me had demonstrated and I did something I have been told all my life NOT to. Yup, I told this room of women, my business. I ignored the fear of judgment, my mental gymnastics of the 1000 ways this could ‘get out’ and I shared.

The Girlfriend Question of the day…. why don’t we trust each other to share our testimonies with others?

Share your thoughts as you look out at the world from Under your Brim.


2 thoughts on “It’s None of Your Business!!

  1. Mmhmm..Agreed that we don’t share because its ingrained in us at a young age that not only is it a sign of weakness it also opens a door to allow others to judge. We are not good enough, we are broken and we are to be pitied. Not sharing us allows us to hide behind a perception of perfection…at least that is what we tell ourselves.

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