What is my Motivation??

Pencil and paper

A new day is like a clean piece of paper!

To wake up in the morning is a blessing.  When I first wake-up, open my eyes, say my prayers, stretch and turn on the news, I am ready to make my mark on the world!! Raawwwwwrrr!!!! The new day is as a fresh sheet of paper waiting for more of my life to be written on it. My actions, activities, interactions, goals met,  goals set and even goals dismissed. It’s a chance to make a change, move a stumbling block, press forward towards a goal….they sky is the limit and the options are limitless on this fresh new day.

...one hour later

…one hour later

As my feet hit the floor, the fresh new sheet of paper is already looking like a page full of random doodles as a run-on stream of thoughts bombard me….Sign this form, dentist appointment needs to be scheduled today…text from cellphone company for a payment…ok. Trudge into the bathroom– we need toilet tissue, why didn’t they put the cap back on the toothpaste? Really are these dirty clothes on the floor….that reminds me we need fabric softener. WHO IS USING MY BODY WASH?? If they don’t wash this shower…looks like we need a new liner is that my phone ringing? *Sheesh*


It’s chilly in here I wonder if it is it cold outside, wait, I have that meeting after work so I need to dress for work AND after work, oh shoot, I gotta leave early so I can get gas, speaking of gas…did I pay Peco? Is news showing an accident right where I need to drive through to get to work…..my thoughts are interrupted with yelling coming from the bottom of the stairs — BYE MOM, I’m leaving!!! ….WAIT (I yell back) C’Mere!!! Do you have lunch money? Is there a game or practice after school? What time is the concert and what time do you need to be there? Here, You need this permission slip for your trip. Put a jacket on before you catch pneumonia!*Hug* Pray — Lord watch over her today and Holy Spirit guide the choices she makes. Remind her that she is awesome whenever she has doubt that she can be whatever she wants to be. Amen.

**I’ve only been up for an hour**

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”(Jim Ryun). Is this it? Is this all that there is to it? The hamster wheel cycle of get up, work, keep fresh food and supplies in the house for the family, go to bed and start all over again. These things that have turned into sheer habit? Milestone years have come and gone. There are goals that have drifted to the side along with them. You know…by the time I’m 21 I want to be….. ok well by the time I’m 25 years old I’ll…alrightie….since those years have passed and (fill-in-your-goal-here) hasn’t happened yet – when I’m 30 I’ll……

What about you? Are you living or just existing? What motivates you? My motive is to live! Write as much as I can on my life pages and not sit on the sidelines peeking at life from under my brim, waiting for an invitation to participate.

Don’t be shy….do tell….What is your motivation?


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