Be a Compliment Not a Complication

shutterstock_108457547-350x233Listening  to the radio in my car I heard Steve Harvey share the best quote. Ok, well one of the best (you know me…tomorrow may be a better one that will be the best). He shared from another listener “Be a compliment not a complication. Surround yourself with people who will compliment your life, not complicate it.”  That made me think… my relationships under the brims of the many hats that I wear as a mother, sister, girlfriend, cousin, daughter, friend, co-worker (to name a few) which column would I be put in — a compliment or a complication?  What do I bring to the table to compliment these relationships or are my intelligence, outgoing personality, charm & wit really complicating shenanigans?

It is unfortunate that some have lost sight that the word ‘relationship’ pertains to all areas of life and not just the love life. So when asked what do you bring to the ‘relationship’ some immediately thought along those lines, but I challenge you to invest as much thought in which you are as a parent…a customer at WaWa….a sister, auntie or cousin…..that with every interaction with another person, be intentional to be a compliment and NOT be a complication.

stock-footage-close-up-of-serious-african-american-woman-thinkingI looked at the relationships in my life and mentally put them in columns and realized that as much as I think I have it all under control, I’m every woman so I GOT THIS…. I found that there are some complications that I need to detach from.  A friend of mine had a change take place in her life that sent me to my knees praying for her. When I talked to her I was inspired by her admission that God had closed a door that she didn’t have the strength to, and in doing that she felt a calm and peace that were totally the opposites of what I thought she would go through. The complication being gone, released her from stress and anxiety and gave room to receive better.

Admitting the complications and freeing yourself from them is not a sign of weakness. It doesn’t say that you have failed, missed the mark or a disappointment.  It says that you are mature and healthy enough to relieve yourself from the stress, anxiety and confusion that a complication brings when looking out from under your brim. Weigh in….which are you, and why? What are things that are make you a compliment or….a complication?


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