What is Your Highway Story?

Congestion……. another word for my commute along with the words long, frustrating and tedious.

grandma-signal-memePair the stop and go tedium of my commute with a very active imagination and you will find me peering over the dashboard giving every car a story. It’s my harmless way of entertaining myself to keep from intentionally crashing into the slow-for-no-reason town car in front of me. Here’s how it works, I look at a car that I’m inching through traffic with and create a story for the driver based on my observations. I call it Highway Story. Today we met Gwen….she is driving a ridiculously shiny (considering all of the salt and brine on the roads and every other car) black high-end SUV with her sunglasses propped up in her beautiful hair.

Tall_Min_Green_Couch_Door_TempFinally we’re moving…she’s ahead of me now so I have full view of the back of her car…nothing special. Oooh wait, there is a dent in the right corner of her bumper and 3 different sport decals on the back window.  Now that I have finished my observations, I create her story. Her name is Gwendolyn after her great-aunt but her friends call her Gwinny (yup…I name them too, this is along commute). Gwinny is a stay at home mother that lives in one of these mini-McMansions that has a 4 car garage (why else is her car so dang clean). She spends a good part of her day scheduling appointments (driving to and from these appointments) and organizing something for the sport teams that her 4 kids are part of (why else would she dare deface her car with those decals?). I imagine that somewhere in between she goes to all of the salons…hair… spa… nail. No paint in the dent sooooo I surmise putting on her lip gloss trying to back up using her mirror is how she got that dent….Gwinny backed into something.

Here is usually where I really get caught up in my imagination. On the surface Gwen looks like she has it all together. Like she has accomplished everything that we are ‘supposed’ to as adults. I imagine she went to college, got married, had children, worked a great job (before the children of course) and she vacations every year in some exotic place that I only see pictures of in magazines…*sigh*….that is so NOT how it all worked out for me. I start to analyze why. What is wrong with me? I’m just as smart, just as ambitious and just as determined. Shoot, Gwinny you are no better than I am.

Finally close to home this treck is almost over!! YESS!!!  I start thinking…..if that min-van that just hit the rumble strips e there was writing a Highway Story about me what would it say?  My life is rich with colorful characters, action, suspense, mystery and intrigue. My story is certainly not boring, in fact it is very active with hysterical laughs that will have you gasping for air and cries that escaped from deep down in the soul. 

FineUtt Ohhh…. Mary Jay is on! This is MY JAM….“cause I like what I see when I’m looking at me when I’m walking past a mirror.….(you know I’m singing at the top of my lungs). A little affirmation of how I’m just fine, has now turned poor unknowing Gwinny into a closet alcoholic or dealing with some tragedy that I thank God I don’t have to deal with. I have come to the conclusion that my life may not have gone in the order that I thought it would, heck …even how I planned it but “I won’t change my life, my life is just fine”.  

As I’m counting my blessings (instead of daydreaming about what I don’t have or didn’t do) I pull into my parking space relieved that I made it safely. I look at the trees in my development and think of the creator. God made me beautiful, special, complex and unique. He has planned my life to be exactly what it is – mine.  My situations, circumstances and life-issues that I have had, will have and will deal with, may be a mess to an outsider looking in, they may have made up their own Highway Story about me…..but I am at peace. My life is just what it is designed to be.  ~~Thanks for riding with me ya’ll…go add a chapter to your story!  It’s time to start dinner!~~Remember to smile at how awesome your story is when looking at life, from Under your Brim!


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