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GFQ: Ex in Bed?

Girlfriend Question

Girlfriend Question


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You come home and find your ex — in your bed.

What do you do?




were the increasingly loud whispers that (to my horror) were coming out of the mouth of my little angel… church. My almost 3 year old had seen enough, heard enough and was getting restless. Can’t say that I blame him and I really don’t expect his undivided attention to last for so long, but there were certain rules to Sunday Service that he and I had come to understand. Tapping my leg and ignoring my wide-eyed-lifted-eyebrow-teeth-bared-tight-lipped stare…was a violation of our agreement.

He could quietly color in his Sunday Book, draw on his tablet, reconfigure his Power Rangers…. shoot he could build a house if he was quite. For his quietness (even though I didn’t believe in food in the sanctuary, I would reward him with an occasional fruit snack or two. Continue reading

A Lesson from Dirty Dancing

I close my eyes  and  I can clearly hear Bill Medly’s sultry voice as the song begins singing “Now I’ve had the time of my life and I’ve never felt this way before’…..I LOVE this movie! Now you have the song stuck in your head too so don’t act like you don’t know  Dirty Dancing is an awesome movie!  For me it holds fond memories and it showed so many things.

This random outburst of my love for a movie (that may reveal my age) came from a fond memory.  When I was a kid (no son, I didn’t use an abacus) Friday Night was movie night! We soooo look forward to at the end of the week! My Dad come home from work and after his shower, reading his papers (the Norristown Times Herald AND the Philadelphia Inquirer) and getting something to eat, he would take us out to get  all of our favorite snacks (to share). Me = Dunkin’ Donuts, Lee = Pepperoni and Steph = a jar of olives. We would stop at the video store on Marshall Street where the owner knew our names (long before Blockbuster) and picked out our weekend entertainment. I see us getting our ‘floor blankets’ stretching them out on the living room floor with the VCR remote plugged in (nope, it wasn’t wireless yet), our snacks and our pillows. HEAVEN!!! I look back and think how simple life was but how much we appreciated what may seem like a small thing. Continue reading