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The Backyard Chronicles – Episode I: The Herbal Handbook

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Welcome to The Backyard Chronicles – the newest addition to my blogging fancy and your one-stop guide on how to use the various diamonds-in-the-rough in your backyard, herb garden and your kitchen cupboards to sort out any health-related bugbear you may have. In this week’s post, I will give you a comprehensive list of the astounding supply of natural medicines that the average herb garden contains (in order, I hope, to save you the bother of ever having to pay your local pharmacist a visit again!)


Herbs have been used since ancient times to cure a huge variety of ailments, ranging from fevers to flu to a fuzzy tongue to… well, you get the picture. Nowadays, society is dependent on pharmacies and major allopathic corporations to ensure their health – but understanding what we do about the goings-on and politics of major corporations, should we really be relying on them?…

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