Yesterday I was flying back from Minneapolis and had a really sweet chatty skycap. He asked me what I was doing in Minneapolis that I only came for one day. I said work and then he asked what I do. As soon as I told him I was a Jewelry Designer he lit up and showed me his ring. (This is one of the things I love about what I do. It allows people to open up and share a little part of their story with me.)

He began telling me of how when his grandmother passed he received one of her brooches which had several diamonds in it. He glowed as he told me that he took the largest one out and gave it to his wife. Knowing he wanted to keep a little piece of his grandmother with him all the time he kept the rest for himself. He told how he had played around with the stones for many months and was finally inspired to create a rings with an eye on it because, “They always said Grandma’s got her eye on you!”





About Constance Palelei

As a self-taught designer and jeweler, I have been the jewelry industry outsider so I take great pride in being able to make jaw dropping jewelry more accessible to everyone, because everyone deserves luxury. I am the clumsy girl next door who happens to now be a jewelry expert. I know what it is like to work hard for your money and there is nothing more satisfying than purchasing something for yourself that is beautiful, durable and legitimately valuable.

I hold these truths to be self evident: Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend, and Gemstones are like Love Affairs. Goddesses drip in Gold but life isn’t the same without the Silver Lining. And as Coco Chanel said “Women should mix fake with real”. 😉 Oh and a little party never hurt nobody!


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